With the help of a puppet, a metaphorical mountain and a deceased friend, we reflect on death while going for a walk. You are very welcome to experience this video podcast individually, while walking in your own surroundings. Think of this work as an exercise or thought-experiment. Using a puppetry technique derived from the traditional Bunraku theater and accompanied by classical guitar, treat yourself to this this poetic stroll in your own neighborhood.

Sometimes I stand in front of the mirror and try to see death in myself. If I die at some point, am I not already carrying the dead version of myself within me?

This video podcast was created as a result of the theater performance of the same name that premiered in 2020. This work has a duration of about 40 minutes and can also be heard in Dutch and French.

Please visit this page on your smartphone, then press "start the experience".

This work is best experienced on a smartphone with headphones, reasonable weather and about 45 minutes of spare time.

This video podcast is made to listen to and watch during a walk in your own environment.

Welcome to The Mountain of Fear.

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