The Mountain of Fear

2020   Ritualistic Theatre

Suppose there is a physical space between life and death, a mountain, as a place of pilgrimage for anyone who has lost someone or fears death. A mountain that you can physically climb, visit and leave.

'Accompanied by classical guitar, three puppeteers dance with a lifelike puppet through its last journey on earth.'

People can use objects to get a better understanding of themselves. We use it as a child when we play, but also as adults in rituals. When a third person performs with such an object in front of an audience, we can reflect on ourselves. The Mountain of Fear is a performance that came into being after a research on puppetry and commemmoration. When does an object tell us something about our humanity or about our vulnerability? And how can we treat our surroudings more like an object, so we can use it to project our feelings onto it? This performance tries to reflect on these questions.

The performance has been adapted for digital and individual use. To discover this show in your own surroundings, click on this link.


Ritualistic theatre


50 minutes


Dutch (English and French possible)


KASKO Huis voor muziektheater, De Nieuwe Oost & Ulrike Quade Company

Cast & Crew

  • Concept & text: Tim Hammer
  • Scenography: Juliette Mout
  • Costumes: Eleftheria Lavdaki
  • Stage director: Floor van Leeuwen
  • Guitar: Roel Goedhart
  • Performance: Ruben Mardulier, Suze van Miltenburg, Tim Hammer
  • Puppetmaker: Matt Jackson
  • Advice: Ulrike Quade
  • Production assistant: Annemarie Bakker
  • Technique: Edwin Smits
  • Trainee dramaturgy: Jaïr Buisman
  • Trainee text: Femke Zwiep
  • Photography: Erik Franssen

Provincie Overijssel

Provincie Gelderland

Fonds Podiumkunsten

Stichting Dioraphte