The Art of Walking

2019   Ritualistic Theatre

The Art of Walking tries to divert the attention away from the mind, the thinking, the rushed way of life towards the apparently simple but in reality complex act of walking. -

We are so busy in our minds that we sometimes forget our legs. Yet they are the ones who carry us and get us where we need to be. Our legs decide the pace, the rhythm to which we live. In The Art of Walking, wooden carved legs a brought to life by three (singing) actors and an ingenious structure of ropes. Accompanied by a taiko player, they perform a musical tribute to our legs. The art of walking – from stroll to run- determines the rhythm of movement and music.

"A musical ode to our legs. A playful ritual with a Japanese style in which time stands still for a moment. "

Ritualistic theatre


60 minutes


Language no problem


KASKO Huis voor muziektheater & De Nieuwe Oost

Cast & Crew

  • Concept & director: Tim Hammer
  • Composer: Renán Zelada
  • Dramaturgist: Luc de Groen
  • Scenographer: Juliette Mout
  • Taiko player: Johanna van Steen
  • Performance: Laurien van Rijswijk, Suzanne Bakker, Maarten Vinkenoog
  • Puppetmaker: Matt Jackson
  • Advice: Ulrike Quade
  • Production: Hedi Legerstee, Andrea van Bussel
  • Lights and sound engineer: Edwin Smits
  • Photography: Erik Franssen

Provincie Overijssel,

Gemeente Zwolle

Fonds Podiumkunsten

Stichting Abracadabra.

Music, Theater, Puppetry and writings