2021   Music Theatre

The animal kingdom is full of frolicking lions, screaming koalas and scratching cats. But what animal can give a human couple the right inspiration for a fair duel? Discover it in FIGHT: a comical performance on a scientific basis.

Mirthe and Tim battle each other in front of an audience. They fight for their personal space, traveling through fascinating fauna. Because there is no love without a good fight.

Fighting animals are everywhere. Anyone who has seen giraffes fight, even on video, knows that even these graceful grazers can fight a fearsome battle. But how does one accept defeat? Is chivalry still alive in the animal kingdom? Or are their battles not really what they seem to us humans? Discover it in STRIJD (FIGHT)

With STRIJD, Tim Hammer and Mirthe Dokter build on the inspiration they find in the animal kingdom. In 2016 they made De Balts, a comical performance about animal mating behavior that played at Oerol, Zwarte Cross, Noorderzon and Pop Arts Festival, among others. STRIJD is their new performance, with a flexible set-up, for performances on various stages, both indoors and outdoors. An ode to the beauty of mutual struggle and the excitement of watching animals fight.



Cast & Crew

  • Concept, text, music and performance: Mirthe Dokter and Tim Hammer
  • Final stagedirection: Annechien de Vocht
  • Dramaturgy: Pol Eggermont
  • Publicity advisor: Martine Hoppen
  • Material advice: Sjoerd Wagenaar
  • Photography: Erik Franssen

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